The top 5 myths about selling online, it's not as hard you think

January 22, 2021

After many years helping entrepreneurs sell online and set up their e-commerce, I saw the success and failure. My passion for keeping learning brings me to learn about strategies, learn about cases studies and practise a lot with my own clients to see what it's the real truth about selling online.

So here my top 5 myths about selling online:

Myth 1# - Following someone's else online plan will work for me

This is the biggest mistake I came across. Learn how to sell online, follow a plan done by someone else without knowing your product and brand, and your ideal client. Follow step by step how they did and then after few months trying you find out doesn't work for you.

Here we need to be realist, there is a bit of work before stat to selling online, and it's studying your market and more, find out if what you want to sell online someone wants to buy it. Yes, it sounds simple, but many people don't start there, just spend money on a great online website, marketing and so on to find out that no-one is interested in what they are selling.

And not a single plan work for everyone, we are unique, our products and services that you offer should be unique, so there is no size fit all out there for an online selling plan.

Myth 2# Spending a lot do have an e-commerce website.

Just the opposite for me, less but better! You don't need to spend a lot to have a huge website or online platform to start to sell something.
My formula:

Start small > make it work > repeat > grow

“Money follows momentum, not perfection – Just get started and get sales, that’s the most important part at the beginning”.

Scott Oldford

Myth 3# You need to have a lot of followers in social media

Nope, having a considerable number of followers in social media doesn't mean they all will buy from you. Actually, the conversion ratio on Instagram or Facebook is about 2-3% if you don't have well-curated follower list - with a well-curated followers list you can make around 8% of conversion rate.

What will sell your product or service, it is to know very well your ideal client. Who will buy your product/service and why.

Myth 4# I need to be a tech-savvy if I want to build an online shop by myself.

I love technology, and yes, I'm good with it because I'm a curious person, but no all the times were like that, by trying things and learning new things I become good in 'see' what can work for me and don't complicate my life. And that what technology and digital tools are for me, to make my life easier and don't confuse it more than it's now - I'm a mother of three little ones, time is precious -

There are tools and tech for everyone, and for all the levels, so you need to find what you are comfortable with and learn just the basics, and not, tech is not scary. By nature humans are scared of small changes, just embrace a bit of learning something new, for the good of selling your products or services online 😉

And the final myth, myth 5#, focus only on making sales.

Selling online it's not about selling something; it's about helping someone. The key to a successful and profitable online shop is to help people and your customers. Make connection, be there for them and stay in touch.
Plan a good customer journey.

30% of your sales will be return customer, making up to 70% of the total of your sales

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