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How to have more time for you and your business

Entrepreneur life, freelance and business life can be challenging if you do alone, and more if you want to do all by yourself. I learned on the hard way, as much as I love my job I cannot do all, and sometimes we don't have resources to hire someone. So what I can do!? Simple, […]

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How to make sure your product or service will sell online

Which three things you can do today to validate a service or product to sell online One of the main things to make sure your service/product will be selling it’s to test it in the market before! Sometimes we are driving my the enthusiasm of a great idea we have, and we put all our […]

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Productivity tip: 2 digital tools to have your time back

Where are my energy and focus go? Technology is good for us, but right now we are addicted and slaves of it. Most of us don't use for our benefit as much as we should. Today I bring you two simple digital tools that help you to keep you sane and have more time.  Smartphones […]

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