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How to track your money in a simple and easy way

Friday's Tech Tip - Episode 3 Money!! Yes, let's talk about money, and as women and women entrepreneurs, this is an issue. We need to get our finances in 'control' and not in a freak way but in awareness, clever way to know where and how to use our money, and find best ways to […]

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Friday's Tech Tip, episode 2

I love recording this mini audio podcast, so every two weeks, tips on tech and digital tools! Episode 2: A productivity tip to track your processes and get hours back during your day. Did you ever try to track the time you are using to do things every day? It will surprise you if you do, […]

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Friday's Tech Tip, Episode 1

Oh yes, I have this in mind for a very long time; I want to create simple and easy tech tips for you and better format than short audio. So here my first episode for this Friday's Tech Tip podcast. Episode 1: How to start to sell online Technology and the digital world can be […]

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How to bring your physical business easily to the online world

Physical business ≠ Online business Having a conversation with a client a few days ago, as we are doing a digital transformation of her physical business to the online world. She has an online presence and social media channels, but there is something you need to do before offering her product and service online if […]

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The top 5 myths about selling online, it's not as hard you think

After many years helping entrepreneurs sell online and set up their e-commerce, I saw the success and failure. My passion for keeping learning brings me to learn about strategies, learn about cases studies and practise a lot with my own clients to see what it's the real truth about selling online. So here my top […]

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Planning 2021, key questions to make the most of this new year

You are the priority! Last week you did a review of 2020, and wow, what a year, if you didn't see my post and free 'Review 2020 Workbook' you can find it here: One more end of the year review, but better 😉 This week, I'm bringing you a Plan 2021, one that you are […]

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One more end of the year review, but better ;-)

Or a better End of the Year Review for 2020 I was hesitating to do it, yes, more or less I do, on my head every year over Christmas period, but this year I decided to do it on a journal and ask few key questions.  Do you want to do it with me? Every […]

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Are you sending emails one by one with your service/product offer?

Or how to create a sales page in less than two hours and sell more Apart from the time you spend doing that, sending emails to every single person they ask you for your product or service via email. Also, if you don't have a smooth and fast payment process, then the selling will be […]

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How to be a women entrepreneur and don't die trying

It never occurs to me if I was or wasn't an entrepreneur. I think as an adventurer and curious person I am I loved to tried things. And I never get comfortable with the standard type of life, or I never really want it. I'm not a 9-5 office person, and when I worked as […]

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Three simple things you can do to boost your SEO now

or how to increase your web traffic and SEO with three simple steps One critical factor for all, it's to increase visitors to our website, aka our web traffic. We want people to visit our website so they can know what we do and how we can help them. Just to have your website publish […]

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