How to automate your emails to get more free time if you are using Gmail

July 24, 2021

Did I tell you how much I love tech and digital tools?

Maybe you know by now if you listen to some of my podcasts or follow my blog or social media.

If not, it is my pastime, yes. I find a new tool; I sign up. I play with it and find out possibilities for me, my business and, as a result, for my clients and you.

So today, one tool I discovered while searching to optimise a workflow for a client.

Gmass: it is a service that allows you to send mass emails and emails campaigns inside Gmail.

Tell you more in my latest podcast;

If you try, let me know for thoughts, and If you want to try and don't know how to connect to your Gmail or start, book a free call with me >, and I will help you.


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