Digital tools that you don't understand, your website that you don't know what to do and you are selling little or nothing.

One call, 30 minutes, and I'll give you the right next step, tailored for you.
Making technology works for you!
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I am an expert in E-Commerce and WordPress, an entrepreneurship consultant, addicted to testing and simplifying new technologies for my clients.

I'm here to help you to find what works for you and your business

Technology shouldn't be a challenge or struggle; digital tools are here to help you. They actually are!

And no, there is no one-size fit all magic pill. We are all different, with different needs and in various stages in our business.

I have helped many women entrepreneurs find out what works for them and find the best tools out there, without the stress, and feelings of overwhelmingness and  being stuck. I strive to bring them clarity, strategy plans and help them to grow just after a few sessions.

Are you ready to get clarity? 
One call, 30 minutes, let's talk, not obligation >
“Technology should be accessible to all.” 
-Laura Moreno
I have dared to create new pages and content, report, manage emails. Laura has helped me a lot to know how the web works.
Laura is an outstanding professional, with excellent computer and programming knowledge, coupled with a practical and aesthetic sense. And courageous and good communicator, explaining the steps to make and give information
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Edicions Editorial director
I value Laura's professionalism and commitment to finishing and leaving the project until it will remain as I had thought.

The patience and understanding she had during the process are also of great value. She is very committed and tries as long as she is in the best possible way.
Sara Orozco picture

Sara Orozco
Thanks to Laura I am becoming friends with Wordpress. She had helped me a lot to solve the beginner errors that I was finding.

Very attentive, very professional and I have felt very accompanied throughout the process. I was very afraid of taking the leap and you have given me a lot of tranquility.

Don't know where to start?

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It was a great experience and had excellent knowledge to help many women. 
Laura is a great woman with the best knowledge who will empower you. Get you from overwhelm to confident!
portrair of Alie Olivier, life coach

Ali Olivier

Life Coach
Thanks to Laura’s help, I have reached more customers and all over the world. Always with great professionalism and attitude. Now I feel safe in the digital world
Montse Estruch portrait

Montse Estruch

Chef - Restaurant El Cingle (Barcelona)
Laura has been of great help, she encourages you, injects you with vitamin to continue, gives meaning to the day to day and helps you lay the ideological foundations of your business.
Yohana Agudo portrait

Yohana Agudo

Owner 'Papeleria de Toda La Vida' Guadalajara
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