Are you stuck with your business to bring it into digital? Let me help you →

Making technology easy for women

I help you to get the most of the digital world to grow your business.

Do you feel like this?

• Overwhelm of so many choices?

• Don't know where to start: website, social media, e-commerce?

• Which social media or platform to use

• How/where/when to use social media, web SEO, analytics and for what?!

• Don't have the time to implement any digital strategies and don't know how

Digital transformation shouldn't be a struggle or a fight; in this era, any business needs a digital presence. The use of technology and the many choices out there can overwhelm.

I'm here to take you on a digital transformation journey. Based on my many years of experience working in and teaching about the digital world, I am here to bring you a clear and easy road map to improve the online presence of your business. My goal is to enable every woman to use any digital tools confidently.
complexity to simplicity drawing

I help you to:


Have a clear idea which digital tool to use for your business


Choose the right tools for you and your business with confidence: from social media to website platforms and e-commerce


From chaos to simplicity in the digital world


Make digital tools working effortless for you and your business


Get focus and apply strategies to grow your business

“Technology should be accessible to all.” -Laura Moreno

"Thanks to Laura’s help, I have reached more customers and all over the world. Always with great professionalism and attitude. Now I feel safe in the digital world."
Montse Estruch
Chef - Restaurant El Cingle (Barcelona)
“Laura has been of great help, she encourages you, injects you with vitamin to continue, gives meaning to the day to day and helps you lay the ideological foundations of your business.”
Yohana Agudo
Owner 'Papeleria de Toda La Vida' Guadalajara
"I hired Laura as a design consultant for a project we were working on for the BBC. She produced excellent work, to schedule and with an often tricky client. Would use again!"
David Hodgkinson
System Engineer at University of Wales, Cardiff

What are digital tools?


After many years as a web designer and developer, your website shouldn't be painful to have and maintain. And you don't need to learn how to code or design, I help you how.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube. Which one? I help you to find which social media is better to use depends on your business and niche — set-up accounts, makeup strategies and plans to publish. I get you cover!


From simple payments; digital products or physical ones. Creating a successful online shop sometimes can be hard to do on your own, let me help you to make a great profitable online shop for your business.

SEO - data anylitics

Data is essential, and to know how and what to read and interpreted is crucial to make any business grow.


We can resit changes, but sometimes those will helps us to be more productive and use our time better. With my expertise, I will help you to optimise better your time and get automated any process that needs to be.


Structures are useful and help us to get alone with many things around (road, bridges, houses). And using suitable structures and strategies will help to grow your business and confidence.

Start here!

Do you know the key pages and elements on a website to have a high impact and convert visitors into customers? I create this ebook for you, and it's free! ​